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LAST NIGHTS BINGE and What To Do About It

LAST NIGHTS BINGE and What To Do About It

So many of you have asked me how to reset after a big night of drinking and eating. Or maybe it's been a full week with family visiting and your mother's homemade food.


Here are 10 steps detailing what I would do starting from the morning to reset your body:


When you wake up 6-7 am

Warm water with 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Part of a hangover – food or alcohol - is dehydration. Drink water, water and more water. This will also help detox your system.

Dehydration isn’t just a lack of water, but a loss of electrolytes. I don’t recommend sports drinks to replenish electrolytes as they are full of sugar - which can dehydrate you. Drinking warm water with apple cider vinegar will regulate your insulin levels. Since it’s naturally fermented -it gives your gut bacteria a boost.


7:30/8 am– Spices to the rescue-

Drink Chai with cinnamon, cardamom and other soothing spices

Warming spices stimulate digestion, soothe the stomach and combat nausea. And chai, like soup, is mentally and physiologically soothing. Be careful of dairy as it can upset the stomach.


8:30- Take some Vitamin B and Vitamin C

Both of these vitamins have been herald as effective hangover cures. They aid detoxification and blood sugar stasis.  Take a B-complex. Or a combo like my balance and restore supplement which has b complex, vit d, and natural energy boosting adaptogenic herbs.


9:30 or 10am– Your first meal after your Intermittent fast

Fast at least 12 hour from your last meal

Giving your digestion a period of rest is good medicine. Fasting can also reduce inflammation brought on by excess alcohol or food and is an effective way to shed water weight and reduce bloating.

For this a smoothie/ bar/ raw nuts is best. Something with protein and low sugar.


12 pm – Have a broth-based lunch

Not only is broth mentally soothing, but it also soothes digestion and aids liver and kidney function. Not to mention, it is mostly water, and you need as much water as you can get. COOKED not raw vegetables are best for when you are queasy.


2-3 pm Take a Nap

Take a quick nap.  However you can manage it even if its just lying still for 15-20 min- rest your body. Whether you drank too much or ate too much, your body is stressed and exhausted – working overtime to get you back to equilibrium.  Help it out.


4pm-  Do yoga or a short high-intensity burst workout

Yoga calms the mind and body, which might be just what you need, especially if you are still holding on to guilt – stressing your digestion.  Certain poses wring out organs, purging waste from the body.  


If you are just not the “yoga type” or you have some energy you want to burn off -do an 8 round high intensity burst (run up a hill or sprint on a treadmill for 30 sec sprints with a 1 min recovery period in between)


6pm – Have a Cooked, Veggie Rich Dinner 

Vegetables like leafy greens contain potassium and other electrolytes and nutrients that help your body get back on track. To boot, leafy greens - especially dandelion - and asparagus are super detoxifiers.  


7 pm– Eat some berries

Berries, especially blueberries and açaí berries, help restore a compromised immune system. Excess alcohol or food means an abundance of free radicals in your system and berries are one of the densest sources of antioxidants.


9-10 pm SLEEP

An early night can really help you reset and recharge. Try getting at least 8 hours to help the inflammation and digestion.