Balance + Restore Supplement




Also available in the Balance + Restore Kit

Balance + Restore is formulated to elevate your energy, clear brain fog and while balancing hormone levels. This custom blend includes ancient Ayurvedic staples including Ashwaghanda, modern powerhouse vitamin D and adaptogenic herbs proven to balance the body’s hormones naturally and based on individual need.

When I was suffering from low energy, bloating, weight gain and acne breakouts, I used this EXACT mix to support my transformational goals. Since then, I have watched my clients experience the same life-changing benefits. Don’t spend another day living your life in fog, Life is short. Live well.

Balance +  Restore is available in 30, 60 and 180 day supplies.

AmyMD products combine ancient truths with science-backed medicine. Each formula is based off of my personal journey to wellness and created to resolve your symptoms from the root. These carefully researched, peer reviewed and tested products blend Eastern minded herbal approaches with proven modern supplementation.

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