Meet Dr. Amy Shah

Dr. Amy Shah is an MD and nutrition specialist. She works in clinical medicine, allergy/immunology, and over the last 10 years has developed a world-renowned wellness education platform, written bestselling books, and has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Mel Robbins Podcast, and Ed Mylett Podcast. She has worked with companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Alo, and more. She works to discover less invasive interventions, promote wellness, and teach others how to impact their health via nutrition and exercise -- using medication as a last resort. Her goal is to empower people to “save themselves” through nutrition and lifestyle changes.


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Chai Mixes

Chai Mixes

AmyMD products combine ancient truths with science-backed medicine. Each formula is based off of my personal journey to wellness and created to resolve your symptoms from the root.


A consult with Dr. Amy Shah is an online program that provides dietary counseling, education and support for lowering inflammation, food sensitivities, and weight loss.
Meal Plans + Guides

Meal Plans + Guides

We offer a variety of online programs that put you in the driver's seat of your journey to wellness.


Huda Kattan, CEO if Huda Beauty

"An incredible book on maximizing your gut health and balancing your hormones, I can't tell you enough how AMAZING this chai latte is!"

Nonita Kalra

"Dr Amy Shah has rare compassion. From her belief that good medicine lies in good living to her conviction that the body can heal itself, she is more than a doctor. She is an inspiration. I started following her on Instagram, but soon connected with her to work on my health."

Colleen & Jason Wachob, CBO at

"Dr. Amy Shah is a rockstar who truly understands that the future of health care is a blend of Eastern & Western medicine."

Bobbi Brown

"I am so obsessed with inflammation and gut health and Dr. Amy Shah was the perfect person to help me with my own issues. Her combination of Scientific knowledge, nutrition, and ancient medicine expertise is exactly what I needed. I've never felt better thanks to her."

Emily Nolan, Model + Chief Empowerment Officer

"Dr. Shah's anti-inflammatory and hormone advice was integral in helping me find my comfortable body weight & size. Her advice was logical and easy to implement immediately."

Jason Wachob, CEO

"Dr. Amy Shah is a rockstar who truly understands that the future of health care is a blend of Eastern & Western medicine."

90 Day 1:1 Consultation Testimonials

I am always wary of information I get on the Internet. But when I read Dr. Amy’s book I knew that she was different. She’s transparent, knowledgeable, and employs easy yet science backed information to create a big difference in the way I look and feel. I have worked with her both as a 1:1 client and through her programs and I will continue to use her methods to change my life for the better. Not only have I lost weight I’ve become a better mom and a better physician through the work I’ve done with her.”

Dr. Cynthia Rivera

“Working with Dr. Amy has been transformational. As a physician, I’ve tried so many things before but something just clicked when I started to work with her. I am now down over 20 lbs and feel more confident in my work than ever before. Dr. Amy has been motivational and supportive throughout my journey. “

- J.N. (Age 41)Physician