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The Simple Wellness Tracker

The Simple Wellness Tracker

Wellness, in my definition, is a fluid balance of physical health, mental health, and spiritual health.

Each person can achieve wellness in different ways. So this personalized scorecard is different from ones you be accustomed to. It is a simple score card where you can manually track your progress every day for 30 days. In short, you add up the points in the morning of each day and write it down. You don’t need a pedometer, an app, a smart phone or a computer. You just need some inward exploration, and paper to jot down your progress daily. What the heck am I talking about? I will explain more below.

There are 3 different point categories that you can assign the major activities of your day:


The activities of the day that get you towards your ideal body wellness are each 1000 points.
An example of 1000 point activity is very variable for each person. YOU really have to tune inwards and extract what is are the things you do in life that serve your body the most. For example, one person I did this scorecard with picked 7-9 hours of sleep, Yoga/meditation for 1 hour, and a healthful plant based dinner. Those are the things that he identified as his 1000 point activities that brings him towards personal wellness.

Got it? So, think of a few (2-4 activities that make you feel the best in a spiritual, mental and/or physical sense.
Next, identify activities that you do, that pull you away from your ideal body. These activities are -10 points.
Remember this number is based on YOU. What pulls you away from your ideal self? What makes you feel spiritually, mentally or physically “down” when you perform it? Define a few of those activities. Examples from someone- and again this may be different for you- are <6 hours of sleep, >2 servings of alcohol, and a drive thru fast food meal.

Lastly, activities have move you closer towards your ideal body but are a little short of ideal are scored 100 points.
This is usually a truncated version of the ideal wellness activity. Like in the case I described above- if he slept 6 hours- he is moving in the right direction but did not get to his self proclaimed goal of 7-9 hours- he gives himself 100 points. And similarly, if he was able to meditate but had to cut his practice short — he still gives himself 100 points.
I love this scorecard and had the idea after I listed to a podcast by Amy Porterfield. In the past, I used to write down the positive things I did towards wellness but never assigned it a value or weight. But when I listened to guest Todd Herman talk about it in the world of business, I realized that we need something similar in the health/wellness world. Something to keep yourself accountable but one that is individualized.

The difference with wellness is that everyone gets to end goal in different ways. In fact, each of us might use this wellness scorecard differently. We need to really identify the few activities that we do everyday that work towards or against our path to personal wellness. This score card makes it easier.

I have been experimenting with this concept for a while so if you need help clarifying this concept etc- leave a comment and I will coach you through it!

Try it for 2 weeks!

Apr 17, 2023

Feb 17, 2023

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Pure Vitality
Aug 15, 2016

I was wondering how I could track all the physical changes my body is going through (positive ones) along with all the things I’m doing that make it all possible. I drive 60 miles to work every day. I use that time to repeat listen to Perlmutter, Myers, Asprey, and others. I’ve been listening since last November (2015). It took months for key elements to sink in enough for me to actually do them. I was sick and nearly dead … I was using more caffeine to stay awake during my drive than I did all day long at work … I was unaware of the difference between hunger and a craving … anyway … I’m gluIten and casein free. I don’t down sugar or grains. I butterize and MTC myself but with Herba Mate,and raw chocolate not coffee. But doing all this has brought benefits without any tracking or history for someone to follow. At this point, no one in my family really cares much even though they have witnessed me rise from near death. Still I want to see something I can look at myself. I thought of a simple numbers and letters idea, but yours is good enough and I’m going to run with it. By the way, I am terrified of what my body is about to do to detox decades of mercury and lead and whatever else is being released from my visceral dragon! I think I need better binders than charcoal and Amy Myers and Pompa have some stuff that I think will help. With my scorecard tool you just suggested, I’m able to track it from day one :)


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