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An Embarrassing Story from My College Days

An Embarrassing Story from My College Days

I remember this one rather embarrassing time when I was so bloated that I literally burst my pants!

Not one of my fondest memories...but before I get into the meat of this now hilarious tale, I wanted to tell you about an awesome offer I'm extending to you for the next 48 hours. Then right after, you can laugh 'your pants off' at me - see what I did there?

I literally search for the purest most reliable products because I am so sick of searching through all the crap-- I found a brand I liked and can't wait to introduce you to them. I contacted Pure Encapsulations after hearing from multiple doctors about their emphasis on quality control, more about that here.

Ok, back to the story...

Remember when sugar-free was all the rage?

Well...I was in NYC for a semester in the CITY from Cornell, and I decided to have sugar-free gum, sugar-free soda on an empty stomach. All I had eaten that day was a fiber one bar (UGH remember those).

Well, low and behold 15-20 min after I sat down to study at the Cornell Medical library – my stomach started swelling up. It got so bad that I was doubled over in pain at my desk- with my head on my chemistry textbook. I thought maybe I would have to go to the hospital because it was so painful and distended.

But like any good pre-med student, I tried to study through the pain. I felt like it was one of those movies where I was battling against the odds. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore I got up my desk in the library and embarrassingly noticed that my pant button had popped and my pants were now wide open!

I ran to the bathroom which was VERY far away. Like the farthest bathroom in the history of bathrooms. I don't know why I was running to the bathroom though because I didn't have a change of clothes and there was basically no hiding it.

That's the last time I ate one of those fiber one bars! And quit most sugar-free goods.

This atomic bomb bloating situation was *one* of the most embarrassing library moments of my life, maybe one day I will tell you the most embarrassing library moment LOL ;)

I'm sure that you guys have had this problem before – maybe not as extreme as mine – here are my for tips to deal with bloating once it's already happened – the four-hour damage control version! 

  1. TONS of water (100 oz)
  2. Yoga
  3. Quit dairy grains and sugar for the day
  4. DO NOT add more fibrous foods- sodas, cauliflower, broccoli, etc

I also want to tell you about one of the purest vitamins I've come across. After reading all the scary reports of contamination I have become very strict with my vitamin choices. This article talks about how many or most of the vitamins at big retailers like Target, GNC and Walmart have incorrect labeling and contaminants. For example, most of gingko saw palmetto and garlic supplements had NO active ingredient found! WTF?!

I did a ton of research, found a few reputable brands and I talked to multiple experts in the area. A few brands kept coming up over and over: Designs for Health, Thorne Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics, Xymogen. 

The quality control statement for Pure encapsulations was quite helpful and they were able to answer my questions. Anyway, I did the research and decided that I was going to start using their products for my kids and their protein powder etc. After testing them myself, I'm proud to now be selling Pure Encapsulations products on my 'digital shelves'. Have a look at their products in my store today.

*Unfortunately at this time we are not able to ship internationally