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What I Did to Help Bobbi Brown's Gut Health (and How I Can Help You) + Book

What I Did to Help Bobbi Brown's Gut Health (and How I Can Help You) + Book

I was shocked when I learned the news.

The makeup guru Bobbi Brown was leaving her brand and wanted MY opinion on Gut health?

I mean I knew it all along: Beauty really is from the inside out!

The fact that a makeup guru and #girlboss was shifting her focus to wellness was and is a wake-up call for all of us.

Bobbi recently left her namesake brand to pursue more wellness related activities. We met through my GUT course on mindbodygreen and have been working together ever since! We talked a lot about how to reset the gut and digestion, especially for busy, stressed people and those that who were constantly yo-yo dieting. 

Bobbi even has a whole section on me in her new book 'Bobbi Brown Beauty from the Inside Out: Makeup * Wellness * Confidence'.

“I tell women you cannot starve yourself skinny, long term it will have the opposite effect,” explains Dr. Amy Shah who combines Eastern and Western medicine in her practice”

One thing I urge my patients to do is to redefine their relationship with food. To release guilt and stop punishing themselves for their food-related choices.

Once you stop punishing yourself you will start to notice internal signals when you are full, when you are hungry and when certain food does not sit well with you.

I say eat foods and listen to your body. If you are bloated, tired, and cranky after eating it-- it’s simply not good for you. To make it easier test this with Gluten, sugar, and dairy. See how you feel one week off of it then add it back and see how you feel. 

Beauty is confidence. It’s loving your body (face, abs, butt). It’s not pretending it’s perfect but loving it unconditionally like you love your kids, spouse or pet.

Try one week of NOT punishing yourself. One week of not complaining about your body. That's a challenge. 

Bobbi is launching her new book today and it’s a keeper! 

If you order through this link-- email me at for a special gift (I don’t get any kickback from sales etc - I just want to tell you about really cool stuff that I love).

Check out this rapid fire Q&A I did with Bobbi while in NYC recently :) Oh and subscribe to my channel - I'll be using it more often going forward!

Go forth and be beautiful!