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The New World's Biggest Health and Wellness Predictions

The New World's Biggest Health and Wellness Predictions

While the pandemic has definitely upended our way of life, it also has given way to the new normal. We find what’s trending in the health and wellness world.

The public health crisis has certainly and fundamentally changed the way we think and function, perhaps forever. On both a global and personal level, we’ve learned a great deal about our strengths and weaknesses, and accepting constant change. Studies suggest that much of our happiness is not derived from our circumstances, but our own actions, meaning we have control over how we feel. In a world that is constantly shifting, we list five tools that will help you become your strongest, most resilient self.

Welcome the virtual world

Work from home is now the new normal

As work from home looks like it’s here to stay, technology firms are on the way to create new, innovative ways for our life to be virtual. From booking a Zoom consultation with your doctor to discussing a business model on Skype, the workplace—and much of our personal life—is now online, giving us the opportunity to organize time differently, and more effectively. It allows for a good work-life balance and promotes productivity, skipping long commutes and other distractions.

Move toward outdoor fitness

Outdoor fitness keeps your mind, body and heart healthy

The secret to longevity is staying active. And with the risk involved working out in an enclosed space, more and more people are turning to the great outdoors. Be it biking or a HIIT session in your garden, the open space boosts mood, sharpens thinking and makes you feel calmer. A 30-minute exercise routine triggers endorphins as well as GABA, a neurotransmitter that quiets negative thinking and reduces cortisol levels. The fitness world now looks at mental health and the importance of feeling happy.

Pay attention to gut health

Introduce different vegetables and fruits into your dietIMAGE COURTESY:

A strong gut is linked to many facets of being healthy, including improved mood, better immune system, fitness performance and heart health. Eating a plant-based diet, along with sufficient amounts of fiber and nutrients, is a great way to improve your gut health. Don’t limit yourself to only fruits and vegetables, and instead include beans, nuts and whole grains. Pack them into your morning smoothie or lunchtime salads. 

Practice circadian fasting

Practice circadian fasting for better overall healthIMAGE COURTESY:

Matching your eating schedule to your internal clock has many benefits. Our metabolism follows its own circadian rhythm, which dictates the flow of hunger-related hormones and enzymes. When we limit our eating to a 12 to 16-hour window, we can harness this internal clock’s power. Following this pattern leads to weight loss, improved sleep, lower inflammation levels and improved blood sugar levels.

Learn the art of mindfulness

Try meditation or mindfulness to let go of negative thoughtsIMAGE COURTESY:

Meditation and mindfulness are techniques that help with letting go of negative thoughts. They also helps people manage their stress levels and anxiety. Research shows following meditative rituals creates a foundation that supports you, so you can support others. Choosing time to spend alone, even for 15 minutes, leads to a more alert and calm mind, which will serve you well in any crisis.

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