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The Anti-Inflammatory Index

The Anti-Inflammatory Index

Do you want to combat inflammation? Here’s how Dietary Inflammatory Index can help you tweak your diet and keep inflammation at bay. 

As referenced in my Instagram video, there is an evidence-based tool that has been developed to measure the inflammatory potential of the diet called the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII). 

I have attached a sample of the scoring. A positive score indicates higher inflammatory potential, and scores range from -10 to 10. The tool was developed by assessing 45 food parameters and assigning a value based on the effect of the food parameter on each of six inflammatory biomarkers (IL-1β, IL-4, IL-6, IL-10, TNFα and CRP) and then weighting these according to study design and the total number of articles.

It has been validated through thousands of research studies however, it is of course, flawed because of the nature of dietary studies. There are some new index markers on the way, but this is still the standard currently.