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Just Launched: My first-ever skincare products!

Just Launched: My first-ever skincare products!

The launch of my first two skincare products—an A.M and P.M. SUPER GLOW serums. Plus, an interview with Dr. Nancy Kim, board-certified dermatologist.

While nothing fights aging like sleep, overnight circadian fasting and a healthy diet, skincare is important too. It adds to the daily hard work your mind and body does. With this in mind, I finally developed a skincare product—a serum!

I created two products, an A.M. and P.M. SUPER GLOW serum. The morning serum is made with barrier sun-blocking materials. It also contains topical antioxidants like turmeric and vitamin C, as well as a bit of shimmer for a natural daytime glow. A superstar ingredient in the morning glow serum is vitamin D!

My goal with this was to provide the basics—a beautiful natural shimmer and essential nutrients for your skin.

For the P.M. serum, I wanted retinol and hydration, along with something that aids restful sleep. The problem I faced with most retinol formulations is that they are very irritating to the skin. I opted for a gentler form of retinol, called retinyl palmitate. This is great for people who want a gentle work up to prescription retinol or those who cannot tolerate harsh topicals. For the night time serum, I also wanted hydration without clogging of pores. This brought me to hyaluronic acid. It also has lavender essential oils, which instantly relaxes and helps get that much-needed beauty sleep.

To celebrate the launch of my skincare products, I wanted to interview an expert in the field. While creating these two products, I sought knowledge from various experts in the medical field, one being Dr. Nancy Kim, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Spectrum Dermatology.

While I am a physician myself, I look to even more educated physicians when it comes to their area of expertise. I chose Dr. Kim because her background, demeanor and kindness show through. I hope you enjoy the interview. 

Dr. Nancy Kim

Dr. Amy Shah: What’s the deal with retinol and cancer? 

Dr. Nancy Kim: Retinol is a key ingredient used for decades in anti-aging skincare.

You should work with your dermatologist to figure out which formulation and strength is right for you. But yes everyone should be using it after the age of 25.

Dr. Shah: This matched what I had read and researched. Despite what the natural skincare movement tells you, science says there is no definitive evidence that topical retinoids lead to cancer or reproductive toxicity. I use them and every dermatologist I know uses them. There are many different types—different prescriptions and over-the-counter versions.

Dr. Shah: What do you think of sunblock? 

Dr. Kim: I think sunblock is essential. Titanium dioxide or a barrier sunblock, like zinc oxide, is the preferred type. Recently I am loving the ISDIN sunblock.

Dr. Shah: With the new research that has come out we know that barrier sunblocks are the way to go. Things like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Dr. Shah: Ok, if you were someone who is super busy and you just wanted a starter pack, what would you recommend? 

Dr. Kim: Just the essentials: An acid like salicylic acid, then a retinol, moisturizer and sunblock. That’s it really. Then you can add on from there based on your skin type and your dermatologist recommendations. Maybe a little bit of vitamin C, perhaps a few other things.

Dr. Shah: Thank you so much Nancy for being here and talking to me about skincare and checking out my new products! AND thank you for being such an amazing inspiration for all!