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Is Plant-Based Meat Healthy?

Is Plant-Based Meat Healthy?

The benefits of plant-based meat. Plus, how to incorporate it into your diet.  

Plant-based meat has come a long way since the days of frozen, tasteless burger patties. In recent years, new companies have sprung up and made modern forms of plant-based meat. And the good news is that these upgraded plant-based meat companies have made a product that is healthier than conventional meat, still has a lot of flavor, and is better for our planet. And while you can still enjoy standard meat alternatives like tofu, plant-based meat is a new and improved option to add to your healthy lifestyle. Here are four benefits of plant-based meat.
  1. Healthy

Plant-based meat is made primarily of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Companies like Beyond Meat use peas, fava beans, brown rice, coconut oil, cocoa butter and beet juice to make their plant-based meat, making it a complete meal in terms of balanced macros. Similarly, Impossible Foods, another well-known plant-based meat brand, offers gluten-free ingredients and one 4 ounce serving contains 19 grams of protein. Additionally, while plant-based meat used to be made up of just beans and additives, companies now use whole foods with minimal additives to make their product. With that being said, plant-based meats are still considered a processed food, which we want to minimize in our diet, whether vegetarian or not. Plant-based meat is a great stepping stone for those who want meat-like products but are trying to cut down.
  1. Better for the environment

One of the biggest benefits to choosing plant-based meat is that it is significantly better for the environment. The emissions of greenhouse gasses are reduced by up to 90 percent when compared with conventional meat and water pollution is almost entirely eliminated when making plant-based meat.
  1. Tastes very similar to regular meat

If you are someone who is used to eating conventional meat, making the switch to plant-based meat can seem daunting. Fortunately, plant-based meat has come a long way in recent years and almost mimics the taste of real meat exactly. 
  1. Reduces animal suffering

One of the most obvious and important benefits to choosing plant-based meat is the reduction of animal suffering. Most animals are bred, treated, and killed in inhumane and unethical ways in factory farms in the food industry. You can feel good on both the inside and outside, knowing that no living being suffered for your food. 

How to incorporate plant-based meat into your diet and lifestyle

Because plant-based meat is made up of legumes, vegetables and added healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, it’s an easy food item to add to your diet. Crumble it onto salads or make any traditional style like burgers. Additionally, when intermittent or circadian fasting, it’s crucial to choose healthy foods when you break your fast and during your eating window. Because plant-based meat is now made with whole ingredients like nuts, legumes and vegetables, it’s a great option to eat while not fasting or breaking your fast.

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