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Three Different Types of Circadian Fasting

Three Different Types of Circadian Fasting

What to know about them and which one to choose

There are a number of circadian fasting schedules you may have heard about or come across online, and that is only making it harder for you to decide which one is best suited for you and your lifestyle. Here’s a breakdown on each one of them and their benefits.


Shorter circadian fasts

Benefits: Lose weight (10 pounds approx.), prevent overeating at night, faster metabolism and a good short-term strategy for better health
How-to: Starting with 12-hours of fasting and slowly increasing the window to 16 or 18 hours a day. Remember to keep modulating the cycle each month. For example, fast for 14-16 hours every week but during the week before your menstruation cycle, fast only for 12 hours.
Ideally for: Women in their late 30s, who have children, demanding jobs and a disturbed sleep cycle




5:2 diet or longer circadian fasts

Benefits: Lose weight (more than 20 pounds), fat loss and a good long-term strategy for better health
How-to: A 5:2 diet, also known as the fast diet, is another popular intermittent fasting method. In this diet, you eat a normal diet for five days a week and for the remaining two days, limit your calorie intake to only 500 calories a day. Or, you can try a longer circadian fast, where you fast once a week, from dinner to dinner, not eating any meal for 24 hours.
Ideally for: Women in their 40s, who have difficulty sticking to a health plan and trouble with cravings


Circadian fast on weekdays

Benefits: Minimal effort and maximum fun, easy lifestyle change for better health
How-to: Follow the circadian fasting routine for five days a week, keeping the fasting widow between 12-16 hours and during the weekend, eat a regular diet.
Ideally for: Women in their early 30s, who likes to eat out late and enjoy her drinks


To know more about types of circadian fasting, watch my IGTV video here.

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