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My Top Three Work-From-Home Tips To Stay Healthy

My Top Three Work-From-Home Tips To Stay Healthy

Three ways to stay healthy while working from home

Working from home has its benefits and challenges for professionals. Saving time on your commute and being in the comfort of your own home are definitely two of the positives. But your physical and mental health can suffer if you aren’t following steps to keep your body and mind active throughout the day. Here, I share three work-from-home tips to follow to live your healthiest life while working from home.


Work From Home Health Tip Posture

If you are sitting all day, you need to stretch. Try this exercise a few times a day to feel your best: Stand up straight, relax shoulders and push them down, place arms behind your lower back, interlock your fingers and move them away from the body. If your body allows, bend over into a forward fold to increase mobility in your lower and upper back.


Work From Home Health Tip Sunlight

Ninety-seven per cent of our lives are spent indoors. With work-from-home more common now, this statistic has increased greatly. If you want to improve both your mental and physical health, including your mood and brain, metabolic and cardiovascular functions, you need to take breaks throughout the day and get outside. Working out indoors is not enough, so make time for an outdoor workout, take phone calls outside, and take short 15 minute brisk walks to get your steps in. The more nature and outdoor activity, the better you will feel.


Work From Home Health Tip Food
We eat mindlessly all the time but it’s even more common in front of a screen. When you take a mindless bite, it averages to about 25 calories per bite, which equals 100 calories a day, 700 calories a week and 2,800 calories a month, which equates to almost a pound per month of weight gain. My advice on snacking at home: Only consume non-caloric drinks while working. To minimize the amount of snacks I’m eating while working from home, I stick to vegetables and berries, which are low in calories and avoid all caloric drinks.

Watch my video explaining these useful tricks here.

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