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Cravings And Overeating: How to Deal with Them?

Cravings And Overeating: How to Deal with Them?

Are you feeling guilty after a session of food binge? Here are my top tips on how to bounce back?

Are you guilty of giving in to your food cravings and over-indulging? Well, you are not alone. It happens to all of us. So, there is no need to beat yourself up for it. Instead, you should focus on developing a healthy relationship with food.

There are certain strategies that can help you minimize the damage and prevent future food cravings. Here are my top strategies to help you recover from 3 different scenarios:

1. You ate an entire sleeve of cookies or an entire cake

Did you devour an entire sleeve of cookies because you were hungry and it was the first thing in sight? Here is what you need to do:

  • Immediately after you finish eating, drink a huge glass of water mixed with vinegar.
  • It is important to get sunlight and move your body for at least ten minutes. You can go for a short walk.
  • To avoid blood sugar and gastrointestinal issues, I recommend an early dinner. Try having your dinner at least three hours before bed. Eat vegetables and fermented foods like kimchi for dinner to boost your gut health.
  • To avoid cravings, have a cup of ginger tea. Ginger tea also boosts digestion and speeds up the stomach emptying process.

2. You woke up craving junk food after a big night of eating and drinking

Do you ever wake up craving carbs and sugar after a big night of eating and drinking? This is because your blood sugar is dysregulated. Here is how to bring your gut health back on track:

  • Even though you are craving sugar, you must not eat sugar or a carb-loaded breakfast. I recommend a savory, high-fiber, high-protein breakfast.
  • Get direct sunlight as it helps regulate food cravings.
  • Start your day with a fasted workout.
  • I recommend mini-meals and mini walks throughout the day.
  • Have ginger tea or coffee with cinnamon to minimize the damage. You can also try my Chai Latte Powder Mix. Since it contains gut-friendly ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger root and cloves, it is an excellent option to recover from a food binge.
  • Lack of sleep makes you crave unhealthy, high-carbohydrate and high-fat foods. To avoid this, take a 20-minute power nap during the day to catch up on your sleep.

3. You are trying to plan for a Monday after a poor weekend or week of eating

Wondering what to do to reset after a week of bad eating?

  • Sunlight is very important to get your health back on track after a week of binge eating. Therefore, make sure that your body gets enough natural light.
  • Take adequate sleep.
  • Practice circadian fasting to reset your cycle.
  • Fasted workout in sunlight is another excellent way to boost digestion and improve gut health.
  • Ditch the artificial sweeteners and processed foods. Instead, add fermented, probiotic foods into your diet.