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Can You Intermittent Fast If You Are Diabetic

Can You Intermittent Fast If You Are Diabetic

A look into the benefits of fasting if diabetic

We know that intermittent and circadian fasting have many benefits for your health, but the common question of whether it’s helpful for diabetics is still a question for many. The truth is, if you are diabetic, you can greatly benefit from fasting if done properly and safely. Here are the facts and benefits of fasting for diabetics.


Fasting reduces insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the main issue for type 2 diabetics. Over time, the cells in your body can no longer use the insulin produced by the pancreas, therefore, the body stops producing enough needed to function properly.  One of the biggest benefits of intermittent fasting is its ability to balance insulin levels and even reverse insulin resistance in some cases. In fact, to prove this, a study done by BMJ Case Reports studied three men between the ages of 40 and 67 who suffered with type 2 diabetes. They tried fasting for about 10 months and each one saw results and were able to stop insulin treatments within a month of beginning intermittent fasting. This just proves that intermittent fasting has the potential to completely reverse type 2 diabetes.  


Aids in weight loss

Weight is often one of the biggest issues from those who suffer from diabetes. We know that one of the side effects and benefits of intermittent fasting is weight loss, so practicing fasting can help. So how does this work? When you fast, your blood sugar decreases, and it balances out, causing your pancreas to produce less insulin. Since insulin tells your body to store this energy as fat, intermittent fasting slows down the storage of fat in the body, causing a person to lose weight.


Reduces inflammation

Leading an unhealthy lifestyle and overeating can result in excess inflammation in the body. Those who suffer from diabetes often have inflammation in the body. A study has found that diabetics who intermittent fast saw lower inflammation in the body after a short amount of time due to reduced oxidative stress in the cells, thus lowering inflammation.


Always consult with your doctor before starting an intermittent fasting program. If you have diabetes please discuss circadian fasting with your doctor. Do not try circadian fasting without your doctor monitoring your sugars and adjusting your medications.