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5 Health Benefits of Ginger

5 Health Benefits of Ginger

Let’s discover the top benefits of ginger for your health

Ginger is a superfood. No, I am not saying that because ginger is one of my favorite spices, but because science says the same. 

Hailing from Southeast Asia, ginger has been an indispensable part of Asian households and is slowly becoming essential in other parts of the world too. Not only does it impart a unique flavor to any dish, but it also has immense medicinal properties, making it a vital part of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Before you make your judgments about ginger, allow me to share a few benefits of ginger and why it should be a part of your dietary routine plan starting today.

1. Gut’s best friend

Nothing takes care of your gut quite like ginger. This incredible kitchen staple can be used in teas and meals and is a blessing for your gut. The presence of gingerol, a bioactive compound in ginger, helps reduce oxidative stress and keeps free radicals under check. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal gut infections and diseases like ulcers, constipation, IBS and indigestion. Ginger enhances your body’s gastric emptying functioning and helps you feel lighter and more active. Regular consumption of ginger will keep your gut healthy and ensure better overall body functioning.

2. Bye-bye pain

Gingerol has anti-inflammatory properties making ginger an efficient pain reliever as well. It helps with joint pain and can be used in arthritis to keep the symptoms in control. By getting rid of the compounds that result in pain in our body, ginger also facilitates easier menstrual cycles and relieves PMS symptoms and menstrual cramping naturally. Increase your ginger intake during your next menstrual cycle for visible results. 

3. Boosts brain function

Free radicals can interfere with your brain working properly and can cause long-term diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Since gingerol can help control the free radicals in your body and reduce oxidative stress on your brain, it should be a staple in your routine. Ginger increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the body, thus keeping depression and anxiety at bay. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it also keeps inflammation under control and ensures optimal brain functioning. Try my Chai Latte Mix that boosts mood and metabolism for better brain and body working. It is made using all-natural ingredients and allows you to enjoy the several benefits of ginger.

4. Enhances cardiovascular health

Ginger plays a key role in improving your heart health. It contains salicylate, which makes ginger a blood thinner and further prevents blood clots in the body. With fewer blood clots, your blood runs properly throughout the body and puts less pressure on the heart to pump it. Moreover, ginger contains potassium and is a vasodilator that expands blood vessels and regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Regular ginger consumption can effectively increase blood circulation in the body and reduce LDL buildup naturally.

5. No more nausea

Whether you have gut infections, are pregnant, on your period or are taking medications that cause an upset stomach, nausea can be a common symptom in all such situations. And ginger can prove to be your most trusted natural remedy to relieve nausea naturally. Consuming small amounts of ginger for nausea can encourage quicker gastric emptying that will reduce heartburn and calm your body. 

So, which meal are you prepping next with this powerhouse ingredient to enjoy these wonderful benefits of ginger?