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5 Cutting-Edge Advances in Fitness by Dr. Paulvin

5 Cutting-Edge Advances in Fitness by Dr. Paulvin

From time to time I like to feature my physician friends who are often experts in different things than I am. As many of you know I am a huge exerciser and I always love learning about new advances. Thank you Dr. Paulvin for this! - Dr. Amy Shah, MD


5 Cutting-Edge Advances in Fitness

Trends in the world of fitness are constantly changing. If you’re like most people, it’s top priority for you to get noticeable results without having to spend hours at the gym every day.

Here’s 5 New Advances in Fitness that you can use to step up your fitness game:

  • Cold Fitness: For most people, winters on the northeast coast can seem to drag on endlessly, but did you know that working out in cold temperatures is actually amazing for your body?

  • Brrrn
    in Manhattan is the world’s first cool temperature fitness studio. Temperatures in the studio range from 45- 60 degrees Fahrenheit and people are experiencing great results, including improved endurance and recovery, high levels of fat and calories burned, increased muscle mass, and better focus and energy.

    The Wim Hof Method is a type of cold immersion therapy with specific breathing exercises that have been proven to be an effective way to help increase focus, energy, testosterone, and growth hormone as well as decrease cortisol. 

  • Quicker Fitness: Overtraining is a real thing and can deplete your body of testosterone and increase cortisol. Now there are ways to work out effectively in a short amount of time and still get the results you’re looking for.

  • ARX
    (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) combines computer-controlled, motorized resistance that is capable of matching the force of any user 100% of the time. With perfect resistance, ARX shortens the time you need to exercise while dramatically increasing the safety and effectiveness of all of your workouts.

    HACKD Fitness offers the latest in fitness technology that gets you quantified results and maximizes your fitness level in as little as 20 minutes.

  • Online Training: If you’re someone who likes to workout in the comfort of your own home there are a lot of exceptional online training options for you!

  • Obe’
    is an online fitness program that offers programs for all fitness levels from expecting moms to HIIT. They offer over 500 on-demand fitness classes.

    The Mirror is another cutting-edge way to train with experts without having to go to the gym. It offers a wide variety of workouts to match any fitness levels and allows you to stream live classes every week or pick a class from their extensive library.

    Peloton offers a world-class indoor cycling studio experience that you can fit into your personal schedule from the comfort of your own home while still having the social connection to keep you coming back for more.

  • Electro Stimulation Workout: An e-stim device delivers electronic pulses to motor nerves through electrodes placed on the skin, causing a motor response to achieve a variety of desired results. They allow you to contract all of your muscle fibers, which can give you an added edge to your training. It’s also an effective way to get a better workout with less weight and can target specific muscle groups if there is weakness or injury.

  • Nova Fitness Studios
    offer electrical stimulation workouts that are 3X more efficient than your traditional workout. With NOVA, you’re able to do a 90-minute workout in 20 minutes. You don’t need weights, you don’t need gear, all you need to do is just show up.

  • Exercising while Fasting: Working out while fasting is an effective way to shed body fat while increasing muscle mass. By fasting before working out, you allow your human growth hormone to help you burn fat and build muscle. ProLon, the fasting mimicking diet, has actually been shown to increase growth hormone.

  • You won’t regret hopping on board with some of these latest trends in fitness that offer you maximum results while taking up a minimum amount of your time!


    Dr. Paulvin is Board Certified In Family Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, Antiaging and Integrative Medicine. He runs a wellness center in Manhattan with a dual focus in Chronic Illness and Sports Medicine. Dr. Paulvin using lifstyle changes and holistic approaches to help his patients feel better.