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11 Foods I Eat to Stay Healthy While Traveling

11 Foods I Eat to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Be it a work trip or leisure, these are the foods you’ll find while traveling

During a raging pandemic, no one thought they’d get to travel again anytime soon, but luckily things are picking up and I’m very grateful that I was recently able to travel to Columbia. And, as they say, there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel, and this was it for me! However, over the years, I’ve done a lot of traveling and realized that choosing certain foods, as well as practicing circadian fasting makes a huge impact on my gut health, energy levels and mood. This is why I have come up with a tried-and-tested list of certain food items that are easily manageable and help me stay healthy while traveling.

Monk Fruit and Stevia

There’s no denying that Americans consume way too much sugar! But lucky for us, there are so many sweeteners in the market that act as an alternative, yet don’t spike insulin levels. It can be confusing to pick out one but when it comes to going on a trip, I prefer to choose between monk fruit or stevia with flavors. Monk Fruit and Stevia are a much healthier option because they are natural and a safe sugar alternative. They contain zero calories, zero carbs, zero sodium, zero fat, and have no impact on blood sugar levels. It has also been researched that Stevia can potentially lower blood pressure. So, either of the two can be consumed as healthy alternatives to table sugar.

Lakanto Chocolate Chips

I like to keep these for after dinner when I want something sweet but don’t want my blood sugar levels to rise. These are sugar-free and have been sweetened with the Lakanto monk fruit sweetener. They are also dairy-free, vegan, ketogenic and work well for most people. So the next time you feel like munching on something sweet, just grab these. However, keep them to two tablespoons so that they don’t cause any digestive issues.

Chai Latte Mix

I created this product specifically so that I could enjoy my chai tea in the morning without breaking my fast! This is such a good option because it tastes good regardless of whether it is hot or cold. It has healthy ingredients full of antioxidants like nutmeg and ginger root and is sugar-free as well as caffeine-free. I keep this with me at all times, especially when I’m hungry but don’t want to break my fast.

Protein Powder

The best protein powders can make all the difference for getting some protein intake when traveling. Now, I do believe that the health industry has overdone the protein-obsession, but it can be harder to get while traveling. When I’m home, I don’t have protein powder on a daily basis, as it can cause digestive issues and I prefer to get my protein from whole foods, but this is great for when traveling. Keep it in your carry on and just add to a water bottle and shake. Here are some recommended protein powders to try: Sprouts Vegan Vanilla Protein, Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein Powder, Vega Sport chocolate flavor. 

Fruits and Vegetables

I always make sure I have fruit and vegetables every day and try to get in 5-7 servings. These are easy to carry and consume and are also available widely at most shops and even gas stations or airport terminals. This is a good way to get fiber in. I don’t typically buy plastic containers but when traveling I make an exception because it’s the easiest way to get fruit and vegetables in and can be thrown in my bag.

Crepini Egg Wraps 

Egg wraps are great because they can be packed in your bag, are grain-free, keto-friendly and only have 30 calories, yet 3 grams of protein. They are pliable and packing them is easy.

Alternative Vegan Wrap

I like to bring vegan wraps that are sprouted and full of fiber. Fiber helps to keep your digestive system and gut healthy and this is an easy way to get more! Try this Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla.

The Laughing Cow cheese

The combination of saltiness and creaminess along with the convenience, all rolled into one just fits right for a trip. They only have 50 calories each, but the protein and fat keeps you satiated for a bit. I love the original flavor so I always make it a point to buy those whenever I'm heading out.

Trail Mix

Eating a handful of nuts, almonds, cranberries and seeds is more than enough to satisfy those instant hunger cravings, be them sweet or salty. Nuts have mostly fat with a bit of protein, so they also keep you full and don’t spike insulin levels. Try to avoid ones that are salted and full of sugar and limit ourself to one serving.

Electrolyte Powder

It can be very difficult to stick to a healthy water intake when traveling, and traveling can be very dehydrating with a change in schedule. Here are some tips I’ve learned: drink a large amount of water first thing in the morning and add electrolyte powder to ensure mineral and salt levels stay balanced.

Chai Travel Packs

The Chai Latte Trial Packs are a great for keeping in your purse. One pack includes two full servings so you can use half or the full amount depending. The trial packs make it easy and convenient.

*None of these products are sponsored (except for my own). All views are my own.