For many years, I struggled with troublesome PMS, cravings, fatigue and I was never told how my hormones were affecting me. When I learned about the 28 day hormonal cycle and how hormones affect our body – – everything changed for me. 

I was thinking clearer, I had less PMS symptoms and I was able to plan things appropriately for the month.

It is such a game changer and information all women should have! 

You might be wondering what to eat at certain parts of the cycle, you might be wondering what to eat when you have PMS, you might be wondering what happens if you are on the oral contraceptive pill or on birth control— 

All of that is answered in this one guide.

• Get more energy

• Fast for ideal length of time

• Get improved muscle tone and lowered body fat

• Promote healthy metabolism 

• Improve focus and productivity 

• Get insider info that can help you and your friends, colleagues and daughters 

This is $150 value package with calendar, visuals and graphs.

Special for webinar subscribers is $19.99 today and for the next 48 hours.

After 48 hours it will be $29.99. No Promo Code Needed. 

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Fasting + Eating on Your Cycle 28 Day Guide