The Sleep Kit
The Sleep Kit
The Sleep Kit

The Sleep Kit

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I combined some of my favorite products just for you. I've included the perfect sleep mask, my favorite earplugs, Mood Botanics PM rose face Oil and Mood Botanics Valerian Root Sleep Supplement! 

Included in this kit: 

• 12 Pack Mack's mold earplugs

• Lightweight Sleep Adjustable Sleep Mask (Color may vary) 

• 30 Ct Balance + Restore Supplement

 Life’s stresses weaken your body every single day.

Whether you suffer from low energy, chronic brain fog, or out-of-control hormones, Balance + Restore is designed to bring you back to optimal health.

Where ancient wisdom meets modern science.

Balance + Restore Combines Ancient Ayurvedic Herbs with Modern Power Vitamins

It is as foolish to discount thousands of years of medical wisdom, as it is to ignore the brilliant advances in adaptogenic medicine and vitamin supplementation. Balance + Restore embraces both ends of the spectrum. My product is formulated to elevate your energy, clear brain fog and while balancing hormone levels. This custom blend includes ancient Ayurvedic staples including Ashwaghanda, modern powerhouse vitamin D and adaptogenic herbs proven to balance the body’s hormones naturally and based on individual need.

When I was suffering from low energy, bloating, weight gain and acne breakouts, I used this EXACT mix to support my transformational goals. Since then, I have watched my clients experience the same life-changing benefits. Don’t spend another day living your life in fog. 

Balance +  Restore is available in 30, 60 and 180 day supplies.

AmyMD products combine ancient truths with science-backed medicine. Each formula is based off of my personal journey to wellness and created to resolve your symptoms from the root. These carefully researched, peer reviewed and tested products blend Eastern minded herbal approaches with proven modern supplementation. 

Key Ingredients:

Organic Ashwagandha (withania somnifera)
This Ayurvedic herb has been used for millennia to bolster the immune system and promote a youthful state of physical and mental health.
Organic Amla berry (indian gooseberry)
An adaptogenic herb, traditionally used for digestion and for it's antioxidant value used to help inflammation, stress and digestion.
B Vitamins (B12, B6, Folate)
Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to anxiety, fatigue, and poor nutrient absorption. B12 is better taken as part of a complex, to avoid imbalance.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays a role in calcium absorption, as well as regulating the immune system and releasing important neurotransmitters.
Phosphytidylserine (PS)
PS has been shown to improve memory & cognition in older adults, as well as boosting athletic performance and endurance.  

What Recent Customers Say About Balance + Restore:

"In just about a week, I felt a major difference in my mood and how alert I feel :) I can't imagine NOT taking it every morning now."

- Shaelyn

"Balance & Restore has helped me feel like myself again! My energy is coming back and my intense mood swings have vanished. The feeling of being in control of my body again, has led to so many other positive changes. I am exercising again, learning Yoga/Pilates for the first time, and loving it! Thank you for all your guidance Dr. Shah.


“I have always been so confused about what supplements to take! I am so thankful to you for introducing me to Balance and Restore! I am taking your vitamins for the last few weeks and am feeling great! I take it immediately after waking up with a big glass of water. If I fall out of this routine- I feel a big difference! I will be more irritable, less focused and sluggish, no matter how much coffee I gulp! I feel so much more alert and have more energy when I take them!” 


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