6 Week Mastermind Course

6 Week Medical Mastermind Training

$495.00 USD

The Master Mind Course is a 6-week personal branding and online business school for health professionals who have a larger message to share with the world.

It’s easier to grow your personal brand online in the health space than you think. With the right tools, expert advice, and a drive to make a difference, you can scale your time, income and ability to make an impact from anywhere in the world.


• You came to medicine to make an impact, but currently feel disappointed in your ability to do so within the inflexible systems of health care

• You’re sick of spending hours of your day on paperwork instead of actually helping people

• Scaling your income online sounds ideal - but you have no clue how to do so in your field

• Your schedule is packed and you already know you have the time to figure out solo



• 6 Self-Guided Weekly Modules Led by Dr. Amy Shah

• Expert Step-by-Step Guidance to support you in building your online presence

• Explore options to create passive products and income through your online presence

• Homework assignments to keep you on task

• Learn how to launch online and avoid the risks of privacy laws and licensing issues

• One-on-one add-ons available

* When purchasing the 2 payment option, an invoice will be sent Dec 3rd on the day the course begins. 


*100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this course. 

(valid only when all 6 modules are completed along with homework)