Guided Intermittent Fasting Program

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We are rolling out a NEW Guided Intermittent Fasting program!
What is it?  
  • Join a private Facebook group for people who want to begin intermittent fasting but are unsure about how to start.
  • 14-day program with coaching each day, recipe ideas, videos, exercise ideas, and a forum to discuss goals, challenges, and results!
Who Can Join?
  • Anyone interested in trying intermittent fasting or anyone interested in taking their intermittent fasting to the next level.
What is Covered and Content
  • Tips on how to break your fast
  • Original Content on the benefits of fasting and the impact on overall health
  • Hunger Pangs- no problem!  Ideas on what to eat!
  • Alcohol Consumption- Maintain your fast but enjoy a drink!
  • Hydration
  • Length of Fast and Frequency
  • Your Sleep Cycle and Fasting
  • What Should You Be Eating During a Fasting Cycle!
  • Recipes that are high in fiber, protein, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Myth Busting!
 Added Incentives
  • Help hold fellow fasters accountable and have group members check in on your progress.
  • Interactive discussions using Facebook Groups.
  • Get your questions answered directly by Health and Wellness Expert, Dr. Amy Shah!
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