Have you ever wanted to get clarity in your health journey?

When I first started on my gut health journey 10 years ago- I failed miserably.

I listened to every voice out there and took all kinds of expensive and dangerous supplements. I followed false advice and wasted my time. I was frustrated and my gut health was worse than ever. 

I wanted clarity. 

This is why I created the 7 DAY GUT RESET CHALLENGE

The things that really worked for me were things that were enjoyable— like a daily spice blend that’s in my chai latte.

I wanted you to experience how adding spices to diet can actually be delicious. I’m sure you’re no stranger to chai- as most of the big coffee houses sell it but their versions are full of processed sugar and additives.

In addition to the seven day chai latte experience— I wanted to arm you with my best information on gut health.

A $299 Value for Only $29 

WHAT'S INCLUDED in the 7 Day Gut Reset Challenge:

Day by day for seven days you will receive exclusive, actionable information. 

✅ Microbiome 101

✅ How foods can be causing your cravings

 ✅ How to improve your mood through the gut brain axis

✅ Understanding the different types of bacteria

✅ The secrets to reprogramming your gut + brain

✅ Get 7 Days of Chai Latte packets (You choose the flavor!) 

This Challenge is for YOU if at least ONE of 

these symptoms are on your list:

Why is Gut Health Important?

A good bacterial balance helps the body:

Obtain energy from the foods you eat + fuel your body with essential nutrients

NATURALLY Gets rid of toxins from your body

Produces Mood-Boosting Brain Chemicals

Fight harmful viruses and bacteria that invade our immune systems

Join the 7 Day Gut Microbiome RESET Challenge while supplies last. 

Sign up for a limited time for $29 (A $299 Value)

Once you purchase the challenge, you will receive your first email within 7 days to ensure you get your chai latte packets to better optimize your challenge! 


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The 7 Day Gut Microbiome Reset Challenge