My Mind-Body Membership Program is the best way for me to help support your journey toward mental, emotional and physical health. As a double board-certified MD, there are only so many patients I can help one-on-one. Now with the Mind-Body Membership, I have the opportunity to build a community where I can share science-backed wellness information and proven methods for taking control of your health

$59/month -OR- $599/annual (save $109!)


Benefits of Joining the Mind-Body Membership

Join now to get a FREE bottle of my Balance + Restore supplement valued at $30!


✔️ 2 Live Video Trainings

Training #1 will focus on a specific health topic, and Training #2 will be a Q&A where you can ask me anything!

✔️ Exclusive Discounts

Members enjoy exclusive discounts to all of my products, including my Balance + Restore Supplement

✔️ Facebook Group

This private group is the perfect place for us to connect, ask questions, and support each other.

✔️ Monthly Book Rec

Each month I will discuss a wellness-related book that’s had a profound effect on me.

✔️ Guest Coach Training

Each month I will invite a guest health coach to lead a live 30-45 minute training

✔️ Weekly Emails

Members get 4 emails per month at the beginning of each week to help get your week started right!

Mind+Body Membership FAQ

Q: What are your credentials?

A: I am a double board-certified medical doctor and wellness expert specializing in food allergies, hormones and gut health.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: You can cancel at any time. You will continue to have access to the months you already paid for, but we will not bill you when your next payment would occur.

Q: What if I can’t make the live trainings?

A: You can still watch! I will email the recorded training to members

Q: How are trainings delivered?

A: Trainings are currently conducted over Zoom, with recordings emailed to members the following day.

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100% Money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the subscription you can cancel before the next month you will not be charged.

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