Todd Stottlemyre

is a former MLB pitcher 

and 3x World Champion. Nutrition and high performance were always a focus in his playing career. As a family, we prioritize our health. After meeting and working with Dr. Amy we decided to take it to another level through our partnership in helping and serving others.

Dr. Amy Shah

went to nutrition school before going to medical school. After many years of training and two residencies, she realized that nutrition was such a small part of medicine. As part of her clinical practice, she started to do nutritional and wellness consult on the side. That’s how she met the Stottlemyre family -- a family that was committed to improving their health.

They come together on this brand-new, groundbreaking product that is both for physical health, mental health, and hydration. We hope you love something real, unique, and cutting-edge nutrition for the everyday athlete.

Frequently asked questions

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Why did we create this?

Todd and I wanted to create something that could fuel the mind and body of everyone, everyday. We found that the typical electrolyte drink was overloaded with sodium while also lacking in beneficial ingredients. It was obvious that there weren't many high-quality options for daily hydration. HHH is setting a new standard for electrolyte drinks and we can't wait for you to try it.

Why add HHH to my routine?

HHH is perfectly formulated to combat dehydration without excess sodium, sugar or preservatives. We also added ingredients like organic inulin, apple cider vinegar and probiotics that are scientifically proven to support the gut and boost your mental health. Adding HHH to your routine means a happier, healthier and more hydrated you.

What are the full ingredients? 

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Stevia Extract, Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide. Contains Tree Nuts.

A delicious, easy way to get happy probiotics and top hydration ingredients, without the sugar and preservatives!

HHH: Happy Healthy Hydration is available for purchase NOW!