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Are you interested in expanding your knowledge to 

improve the health of yourself and others? 

So much of our overall wellness stems from two main areas-the gut and our hormones. Our team has created a 6-week program, led by Dr Amy Shah, that gets straight to the facts in order to provide key information and expert guidance. 

The program is self paced and video based so you can do it anywhere. You will learn advanced knowledge about the gut brain connection and how to apply it. You will also learn about hormonal transitions like menopause and how that interacts with gut, immune and brain health. We will cover nutritional strategies, treatment possibilities and pharmaceutical options. You will receive your certification as soon as you take your final exam at the end.


6 Week Program

Get your certificate as soon as you complete your final exam!


Self Paced 

Easy to digest video based modules you can take anywhere 


Expert Guidance

Advance your knowledge and take a deep dive with Dr. Amy Shah. 

This is your chance to give yourself and your 

patients/clients/friends your expanded knowledge and expertise.

Our Gut and Hormone Health Education Program is a six week, module style course lead by Dr. Amy Shah. 

All that meet the requirements will receive a certificate from AmyMDWellness for your knowledge in gut and hormone health.

This program releases Monday, January 1st, 2024. This is a deposit, fully refundable until December 26th, 2023.

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