Want to take your health journey to the next level?

Work directly with Dr. Amy Shah through this new and unique opportunity to optimize your health over a 90-day period.

Determine Your Health Goals, Optimize Fasting, 

Meal Plan, Lifestyle and Nutrition Changes.

What's Included in the 90 Day Consultation?

The goal is 90 days total health and mindset transformation. Feel confident, strong and better than you ever looked before! 

Day 1 Kickoff Call (30 min) 

Create a diet, exercise and fasting plan. Dr. Shah will email you a specific recommendation after your first session. Lab work or other things will be recommended. A full customized diet plan will be created. 

Day 1 Kickoff Call (30 min) 

We will refine and further flesh out the fasting, diet and exercise plan. Diet may be changed. Supplements and herbs may be suggested

Weeks 3 - 12 (3o Min Check In's)

Adjustments every week made to the diet, fasting, exercise, lifestyle plan based on the results that we are achieving together. Everything is personalized with Dr. Shah

Interested in booking a 20 minute call first? 

Note: If you are serious and interested in changing your life, send an email with the Subject: 90-Day Experience to amy.g.shah@gmail.com to see if you are a good fit for the program

*No refunds or exchanges. All changes and cancellations must happen within 48 hours of sessions and sessions are valid for one year from the time of purchase . If there are any changes to Dr. Shah‘s schedule, she will give you a 48 hours’ notice. This is not a doctor/patient relationship but a wellness consult. This will not be covered by insurance.

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"Dr. Amy has empowered my to take control of my health. She has taught me tools to incorporate into my life, as well as my clinical practice. She's also shown me an attainable way to live a healthy lifestyle."

"My experience with Dr. Amy couldn't have gone better. She understood my situation right away and was right to-the-point with providing the direction I needed."

"Dr. Shah has been motivational and supportive throughout my entire journey. She is relatable and easy to talk to. She has a wealth of knowledge, especially when guiding women in the perimenopausal or menopausal stage of their life."

"My health and hormones were on a rollercoaster ride after my second pregnancy and working full time. I followed all of her trick and ideology—intermittent fasting, focusing on my circadian rhythm, getting outdoors and drinking chai. I've learned that the gut-brain connection is EVERYTHING."

"I love the simplicity of Dr. Shah's teachings. I have implemented practical changes and have seen my energy increased, my mood is better, I am kinder to myself and I've found a balance between looking after myself and being kind to myself. Thank you for making health fun and accessible!"