Day 3 Bonus! - 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Here’s as a bonus video for you. I know – I never told you I was doing bonus videos! Surprise!

I wanted to throw these in there to give you a little bit of background and stories since were pretty much offices in our daily emails. In this video, I share how my background and upbringing influenced some of the products and teachings that I believe in now. As we embrace a growth mindset and humble confidence – – we realize it comes from always keeping your mind open. The principles of Ayurveda are being confirmed by medical science left and right. In my training we were told that so much of Ayurveda is false. I hope you embrace some of the learnings from this program and from things that you are reading. If you want to try out my organic ashwagandha balance and restore blend AND the Chai latte— I have it for you for an exclusive 18% off bundle offer Try it here


I know so many of you have tried it but if have not and you’re interested- check it out.


I use ashwagandha during the day although some people use it before sleep. It’s a hormone balance or so you have to figure out the right time for you. I like it in the morning, for some it helps him with sleep. But it’s not something that will make you drowsy per se.


Because of my family history of thyroid disease I like things that boost hormones and balance them out. 

As for the chai latte—this thing has been a rockstar hit since it’s been introduced. Full of spices and made with coconut milk - it will give you that afternoon or morning fix. I hope you enjoy the video and you’re doing well with the first three days! Day 4 is a good one- the ENERGY TRIFECTA! 

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