Day 7 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

WELCOME to DAY 7!! HOW do you FEEL? Check in ! Guess what? I have food sensitivities- I bet you do too. 

Can’t wait for you to discover yours! This was life changing for you.

Do you think food sensitivities and allergies are the same? NO. They both elicit a different kind of response in the body. Let’s learn more about the difference, plus what you can do to deal with food sensitivities.

What’s the difference between food sensitivity and allergy? Food sensitivity reactions are triggered by the digestive system, whereas an allergy triggers an immune response. Food sensitivities are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms only show up two to three days after food is digested. Allergies are immediate and much more severe.

What are some common food sensitivities? Dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, shellfish, fish, white/processed sugar, artificial sweeteners and corn.

How to deal with them? No test is as good as an elimination diet for food sensitivities.

Your homework for today is: Try the elimination day if you think you have a food sensitivity!

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