Let's get real, does this sound like you?

✅ Eats unintentionally and lives life in auto pilot?

✅  Lives constantly in 'Busy Mode'?

✅  Ends every year deeper and deeper into a funk where you 

don't love your mind, your body or your job?

✅  Are you starting to notice your waistline getting bigger overtime even though 

you feel like your doing the right thing?

✅  Have the best of intentions but make bad food choices?

✅  Struggle with depression, anxiety and self sabotage?


Practice cognitive therapy when it comes to food + how to use time, nature and mindset to 

pull you out of your rut, and RESTART A BRAND NEW YOU. 


Learn how to use the POWER of your own BIOLOGY for REAL Anti Aging.


Boost your metabolism, recover from pain, lower your inflammation and build long lean muscle.


"Before I read “I’m So Effing Tired” and started on this journey with Dr. Amy, I was feeling miserable. I could barely make it through my day. I was SO tired, I couldn’t think straight, had tremendous brain fog, I was gaining weight, but most importantly I would be missing out on everything my family was doing! I had no energy to sit and play with my kids, talk with my husband, let alone make healthy meals! My kids would ask me every day to play and I would say I am too tired, I can’t. What was worse, as soon as I got into bed I would be wired and couldn’t sleep. I would fall asleep eventually and then wake up in the middle of the morning only to fall asleep as the alarm is ringing. I would eat sporadically and often late because of my work schedule. This way of life has already impacted my gut health. I have significant stomach issues from the years of high stress, long hours, and lack of sleep, and thus lack of energy, general well-being. I was watching life slip by with no way out. 

Then I joined 60 day program and I implemented little parts of Dr. Amy’s plan, albeit with a lot of skepticism but enthusiastically haha! I immediately lost 5 lbs! Without any real diet or hunger.

I cannot recommend this process and plan enough! In a short few weeks I have been more engaged with the people I care most about, I have been more energetic and feeling like I was able to live a little instead of only work, and feel like I’m more productive at work. I feel like an unintended consequence (because I didn’t focus on the weight loss first and instead the energy) has been some weight loss and body composition changes.

Again, I cannot recommend this philosophy enough. It’s not overwhelming, it’s self paced. And the benefits are more immediate than you’d expect. Its changes everything for my family with just being able to participate in the day to day. Thank you Dr. Amy!

I didn’t even get into feeling younger and leaner! But I definitely feel younger! I honestly feel better than I did in my 20’s! And because I am eating more gut friendly foods, and less often, I feel lighter, less floated and leaner." - SM, 39

"I did the 60 day emails and loved them! 10 pounds down and I stick with circadian fasting and fasted workouts in the AM. It inspired me to get Amy's Book 'I'm So Effing Tired' and I just loved it. I run a wellness curriculum for our residents where i'm the Assoc. PD and i've told many of them about Dr. Amy. We need to get out of our silos and bring our understanding if the gut micro biome and nutritional education back into the medical education" - Cynthia Rivera, MD

“I had really been struggling with low energy and weight gain. Dr. Shah’s program helped me to learn so much about taking care of my overall health through nutrition, circadian fasting and balancing stress. 

I have also appreciated all of the personal support she has provided the group. Her tips and motivation have been so beneficial. As a result i have had more energy and such a better outlook on life. Thank you Dr. Shah!!!”

- Laura Sanbrano, Age 53


✅ Learn how to optimize your metabolism with CIRCADIAN fasting

✅ Learn to choose the rights foods to IMPROVE GUT HEALTH

✅ Learn METABOLIC BOOSTING exercises and habits

✅ Replace healthy foods that NOURISH your body like MEDICINE


🛑 Fatigued all day without time to spend without time to spend one the important things

🛑 With body aches, inflammation + pain

🛑 Believing that your genes are your only destiny

🛑 With self sabotage + negative thinking

This challenge includes an intimate, comprehensive 60 day coaching experience 

with Dr. Amy Shah for FREE (Valued at $1,295)

YES FREE -- after writing my breakout book “I’m So Effing Tired” I realized that my purpose in life is to elevate others. I want to help you get to your greatest potential. Also, I know that by providing MASSIVE value and results -- you will want to work with me, read my books, support my work in the future. I know you want to get the results like those profiled above. 

ELEVATE your mindset, your physique and use your own biology to ANTI AGE.

So, what does the FREE wellness challenge include?

What You Get:

✅ Daily emails with vital information and marching orders for 60 days!!

✅ Daily videos + daily audios

✅ PDF with all info, recipes and tips +BONUS emails

✅ Facebook group for support and community connection

Begins 24 Hrs from when you sign up + 60 days thereafter !