Day 6 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Ok we are going to go there today-- what are you really hungry for? What are you really “craving”? We know that sometimes we want food for comfort- ever eat something because it felt “good” not because it was good for you? Yeah me too. Unfortunately, to break this we have to become more conscious of the FALSE HUNGER. For me that’s 3pm everyday LOL. 

With nutrition being the topic for this series, today we will be learning about sugar addiction and cravings! Did you know that more than 82 percent of people in America exceed the recommended10 percent of calories from sugar?

What causes sugar addiction? Sugar addiction is largely due to dopamine dependance 

Why does this happen? Emulsifiers in highly-processed foods limit the gut’s ability to identify what is in the food and send a satiety signal to shut down hunger

What controls hunger? Hypothalamus is a control station for hunger, eating, and satiety. Ghrelin is released from the GI tract and increases the desire to eat by stimulating neurons that increase hunger and anticipatory signals

Your homework for today is: Count your sugar and keep it under 25 grams per day and ideally just from whole fruits.

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