Day 5 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Guys this is where some people start to falter! They are hyped up for the first 4 days then some struggle comes along and BAM! You want to quit. BUT NOT YOU. NOT THIS TIME. This is carefully crafted to add little steps daily. I am doing this work with you. LET”S GOOOOO.

Today we will be learning about everything you need to know about prebiotics!

What are prebiotics? Foods that stimulate the growth of your gut's pre-existing healthy bacteria

Why are they important? While promoting the good bacteria in your gut, they also enhance digestion and metabolism. They can improve immunity and boost nutrient absorption.

My favorite prebiotics are:

• garlic 

• onions 

• jicama 

• stalks of broccoli

Your homework for today is: Consume at least one prebiotic serving today! 

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