Day 47 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Welcome to Day #47 of the 60-Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge!

You’re so close to Day 50! Almost the end of this challenge…

I’ve enjoyed talking about this category SO much! Medications—both natural and prescriptions. How has it been for you? Tag on me @fastingmd and use hashtag #optimizechallenge to share your progress.

Okay, back to studying! Now that we know that medications are important, and can be crucial and beneficial to your health. 

Let's answer this: How to monitor if your meds are working? 

What you should know: Medication may not always work the way it should—efficacy is contingent upon dosage and type. Teamwork is key. So, keep in contact with your doctor or naturopath to find the best approach. 

Do this: Keep a journal and stay vigilant! Log how you feel before and after taking your medications or supplements, time of day, day of the week and bring your journal to your doctor or naturopath visits to paint a clear picture of your treatment course.

Don’t forget: To know your medications and supplements—what they are for and ask your doctor or naturopath what the goals are of each treatment.

Your homework for today is to: Start a journal of your medications!

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