Day 33 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Hello Optimizers!

Say hello to Day 33, optimizers!!!

So now you know about HIIT and Yoga, but is that it? Do we just sit around all day when not working out? NOOOOO!

We will be discussing all day movement today! THIS IS the key to staying young, lean and healthy.

Moving all day—as in fidgeters—has a huge impact on calorie burn 

Try to get at least 10,000 steps, whether it’s through normal daily activity or cardio. This should ideally be in addition to a workout. 

Research shows that living a stationary life can be linked to diabetes and heart disease. Moving regularly every hour keeps energy levels up and lowers blood sugar, especially after a meal.

Your homework for today is: Get 10,000 steps today. Try going forward 3x a week and aim for 10k steps. This equates to about a 3-4 mile walk. So, you could break it up or do a two mile walk and then make sure you get additional steps throughout the day!

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