Day 21 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Woo hoo! We have made it through the second category! I think you’re gonna like this next section! Congratulations and can’t wait to hear about your wins as usual. Share on social media and remember to tag me on @fastingmd and use #optimizemechallenge. Today is the first day of the next category, which is mindset, sleep and lifestyle! Today, we will be learning about the importance of doing mindset work.

Why do the “mindset” work? Gratitude and mindset work makes all the difference for your overall health!

So, what is the difference between a fixed and growth mindset? 

For Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, a “fixed mindset” is evident when a person’s perceived accomplishments are psychologically associated with their abilities and attributes. You are smart/gifted or you can never do it. Conversely, people with “growth mindsets” focus predominantly on bringing their hardest and best work and essentially seek to improve by learning from whatever transpires. These people are happy and successful. 

Your homework for today is: Work on getting a growth mindset this week!

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