Day 19 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Hello Optimizers!

Welcome to Day #19 of the 60-Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge!

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Did you know more than 12 percent of the U.S. population develops a thyroid condition during their lifetime? And, up to 60 percent of those with a thyroid disease are unaware of their condition? Let’s discuss thyroid in detail today.

What is thyroid disease? It’s a medical condition that keeps your thyroid from making the right amount of hormones. Sometimes your thyroid labs are within normal limits yet you have symptoms of thyroid disease. This may or may not come up on testing. What are the signs to watch out for? Losing the outer third of your eyebrow; dry skin or hair loss; and feeling cold or fatigue. What are the symptoms? If you are dealing with hyper thyroid, you may feel sweaty, have palpitations, or your eyes may be looking like they’re bulging.

Your homework for today is: Check to ensure you don't have any of these symptoms.

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