Day 18 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Our lifestyles have evolved, we as humans have evolved, but our lab tests and exams remain the same… why? It got me thinking how accurate lab results are and if we need something more? Here are my two cents:

This issue is that typical physical screening tests don’t necessarily cover optimization.

The goal for physicals and screening exams is to make sure that there is not something completely wrong. There’s utility in this, however if you want to optimize, you will have to look further than the typical blood test.

The solution is to personalize your health and testing with your physician or with me or my team. My quick tip: Check things like vitamin D and advance cholesterol panel if you have a family history or are from certain ethnic groups like south Asian or African-American.

Your homework for today is: Personalize your health with your doctor! If you don’t love your doctor or if you’re looking to optimize your health in another way considering signing up for one of my one on one platinum consultation programs. It’s some thing that I’ve recently introduced. We are currently on waitlist only but you can apply and see if you are a good fit. Put a message in the Facebook group and we will contact you!

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