Day 17 of the 60 Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge

Welcome to Day #17 of the 60-Day Ultimate Optimization Challenge!

Today is a fun challenge! 

Have you ever checked how well you can perform these three challenges?

Do you want to measure your physical health from the comfort of your home? Today is just about that… But first, what is a physical test? It’s a routine test your primary care provider performs to check your overall health, but if you want something simple at home, try one of the tests below:

• Sit to stand—the sitting-rising test.

• 1-Minute Plank

• Grip test—grip strength has a wider role than just being a predictor of age

FUN FACT: The grip strength test has a wider role than just being a predictor of age. Research confirmed that grip strength is a reliable "biomarker" and an explainer of concurrent overall strength, upper limb function, bone mineral density, fractures, falls, malnutrition, cognitive impairment, depression, sleep problems, diabetes, multimorbidity and quality of life. Your homework for today is: Try one or all three of these physical tests. I would love to see you trying it on social media or in our Facebook group!

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