AMDW Consult

AMDW Consult

$1,150.00 USD

A consult with Dr. Amy Shah is an online program that provides dietary counseling, education and support for lowering inflammation, food sensitivities, and weight loss. The AMDW Program’s philosophy centers around dietary strategies that lower insulin, repair the gut, and balance hormones which plays a dominant role in weight, and wellness.


Consultation Cost is $1,150 USD [including all applicable sales taxes]

You can pay in full for your consultation or select the $150 deposit option which includes a 10 min 1:1 Discovery call to see if we are a good fit. The depositcan be applied directly to the full consultation fee if we decide to move forward together otherwise it is non-refundable.

Our AMDW Consult Includes:

• In-depth 1 Hour Consultation [ part phone and part video* ]

• Written Recommendations from Consult
• 2 follow Up Emails from Dr. Shah

Note: This fee is not covered by Health Insurance. A receipt will be provided.