45 Min IF Coaching Session with Dr. Amy Shah

45 Min IF Coaching Session with Dr. Amy Shah

$75.00 USD

What Does the Coaching Include?

  • Face to face 45 minute virtual wellness coaching consultation about circadian fasting, general diet recommendations, habits for a better lifestyle and other wellness topics.

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone interested in learning information on   circadian fasting/intermittent fasting to help them improve their own health or that of their family members and friends.

What to expect:

  • In-depth 45 min Coaching Consultation [On Zoom or Skype].
  • Written Recommendations from the Coaching Consultation.
  • Important Information on Intermittent fasting, diet, supplementation, sleeping cycle, exercising and other topics.
  • Important tips on how to fast if you are a woman.
  • Tips on lifestyle changes for your health. 
Note: This fee is not covered by Health Insurance. A receipt will be provided.
Disclaimer: **This is not in Lieu of medical care. Please check with your physician for any recommendations made. There will be no prescriptions. As a physician I cannot provide medical advice over the inter-webs only wellness recommendation.