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Eight Hacks To Make Your Circadian Fast Easier

Eight Hacks To Make Your Circadian Fast Easier

The tips and tricks to use to help you get through a fast

Circadian fasting’s powerful benefits are huge, but as a first timer or someone new to this lifestyle, it can be challenging to fast and find your new routine. To make your fast easier and more tolerant, we’ve listed eight tools to help you be successful at circadian intermittent fasting.


When you are abstaining from food, hydration is crucial to not only keep your organs and brain functioning properly, but to help you feel satiated and energized. Aim to drink even more water than you normally would in a day, and at least half of your body weight.

Coffee or tea

Unsweetened black coffee or tea is nearly calorie-free, coming in at less than 5 calories per cup. It’s a great drink in the morning if you are aiming to do a fasted workout, or just want something more filling than water with a different taste. Ideally, choose unsweetened coffee and tea without milk, but if you must add sweetener, try adding stevia or monk fruit.

Herbal tea

When circadian fasting, your body can feel tired and your mind drowsy, especially when you are a beginner. Opting for herbal tea not only gives you endless flavor options, it provides your body with antioxidants for a healthy boost of nutrients that you aren’t getting from food. Sip it before bed to relax your body and mind.

Carbonated water

Unflavored, carbonated water is another useful option to keep you feeling full when fasting, particularly when you are craving something besides water or towards the end of your fast. Opt for sugar-free, carbonated water that is flavored with natural ingredients.

One fourth of a small avocado

A small avocado has 160 calories, so having ¼ or less of a whole comes to 40 calories or less. Although it’s always best to fast, sticking to a healthy fat under 40 calories shouldn’t raise your blood sugar, which is key to keeping your body in its fasted state.

One teaspoon of nut butter

Similar to an avocado, nut butters are a healthy fat that will make you feel full and satisfied. One teaspoon of peanut butter is about 30 calories, and about the same for almond butter. Just be sure the ingredients contain strictly the nut, and are palm oil, sugar and salt-free.

Take a long bath

Some people, especially in the beginning, find that fasting makes them feel cold. A hot bath is comforting and will warm you up as well. Also, often times at night we are used to snacking, so replacing this activity with a long bath will pass the time and help you relax, getting you ready for bed.

Go to bed early

Sleep is essential for everyone but when we are fasting, it’s even more important to let our bodies rest and recover. An added bonus? Going to bed early will pass the time and allow you to wake up early to get a few minutes of daylight, helping with your circadian clock. Circadian fasting has been proven to help people sleep, showing less wake-up times throughout the night and deeper sleep, so before you know it, falling and staying asleep will be even easier than before.

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